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The Canary Wharf Fertility Acupuncture Clinic founded by Charlotte Steed, IVF & Fertility Acupuncturist, Pregnancy and Women’s Health expert. She has 20 years  experience in private practice,  an established London Fertility Clinic, and renowned Birth Centre.

Charlotte is a Zita West Fertility Acupuncturist and Zita West Pregnancy Acupuncturist and worked as part of the Zita West Fertility Clinic medical team.

She understands IVF terminology, IVF protocols, fertility procedures & applies scientific research into clinical practice. 

Charlotte holds an BSc (Hons) Degree in Acupuncture, and BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies.

She is a certified Fertility Acupuncturist, Clinical Nutritional Therapist, and Fertility Reflexologist with extensive CPD in fertility, IVF and pregnancy.

As a Member of the British Acupuncture Council, Fertility Support Network, she is registered with many insurance providers.

Charlotte changed her career from banking and financial services and is now loves what she does. She is professional, knowledgeable and her passion is shines 


Fertility & IVF

The Canary Wharf Acupuncture Clinic specialise in fertility acupuncture; natural conception, IUI, IVF, fresh/frozen, donor egg/sperm transfers and egg harvesting.


The Canary Wharf Acupuncture Clinic specialise in pregnancy acupuncture; Using safe, well-researched methods, we promote a viable pregnancy & healthy birth.

Women's Health

The Canary Wharf Acupuncture Clinic support menstrual & hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, PCOS, miscarriage & menopause etc.

Men's Health

The Canary Wharf Acupuncture Clinic support male infertility, muscular skeletal conditions, sports injuries , pain, stress & anxiety, sleep, digestive problems etc.

Children's Health

The Canary Wharf Acupuncture Clinic support babies, children and teenagers with ‘Shonishin’, a gentle non-invasive Japanese style of acupuncture.

General Health

The Canary Wharf Acupuncture Clinic support all health concerns; addictions; stop smoking, pain, allergies, skin, digestive, immune conditions, sleep etc.

Addictions Health

The Canary Wharf Acupuncture Clinic help rehabilitation from addictions to; drugs & alcohol, sugar, to stop smoking, vaping, gambling, gaming, phones.

Our Latest Work

The Canary Wharf Acupuncture Clinic have worked with leading fertility consultants, gynaecologists, miscarriage specialists, doctors, obstetricians & midwives. 

As part of a reputable medical team, Charlotte was a fertility acupuncturist at the Zita West London Fertility Clinic. She also led educational acupuncture workshops in the Assisted Conception Unit of Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital.

Charlotte led pregnancy acupuncture workshops at the Barkantine Birth Centre and has attended home births and hospital births using acupuncture & maternity reflexology.

Charlotte is an experienced addictions acupuncturist using  NADA (National Association of Detoxication Association) worldwide protocol in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres.

Charlotte has worked at the Siobhan Davies Studios and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Dance and Music working with professional dancers  with pain, injuries or rehabilitation.


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